Marquenterre Ornithological Park

 This park is home to thousands of migrating and nesting birds throughout the year. The various routes laid out allow you to observe this wildlife without disturbing it.

Parc ornithologique du Marquenterre

80120 Saint-Quentin en Tourmont
Tél : 03 22 25 68 99

The beaches of the Picardy coast

The fine sandy beaches of Quend and Fort Mahon.

The fishing and pleasure ports of Crotoy and St Valéry.

Henson Marquenterre Equestrian Center

Proposed activities:
Discovery walk, equestrian lunch, bivouac, farm visit..
Mount type: Hensons horses
80120 Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont
Tél :
Fax :


Experience the joys of sliding down giant slides with your family or friends, face the waves and relax in warm water, in a 600 m2 pool with waves breaking at regular intervals.


Piste Cyclables

40 km of cycle paths have now been created on the Picardy Coast: from Quend to Saint Quentin en Tourmont, from Crotoy to Hourdel. From the Bay, to the small villages, you will discover landscapes as varied as they are magnificent.

The little Train of the Baie de Somme

Tortillard from the beginning of the century which borrows the former network of sea baths between Crotoy, St Valéry, Noyelles and Cayeux.
In season, regular departures every day except Monday from St Valéry
tel :

The Saint Esprit Chapel and Belfry in Rue

The Chapel of the Holy Spirit:
Flamboyant Gothic style, fascinating discovery of the architecture of the chapel and the history of Rue through this monument.
Free visit from March to October and guided in high season
The Belfry :
Dating from the 15th century. Access to the walkway allows you to discover vast landscapes.
The Caudron Brothers Museum (belfry):
The adventure of two Picard farmers passionate about aviation (exhibitions, models).
Visit from March to October

The Mill of Montenay

12th century family mill.
62870 Maintenay
Visit every day from April to October.
Lights on the weekend

The Gardens and Abbey of Valloire

On the edge of the Authie, architectural ensemble (XVIII) and exceptional landscape.
More than 4000 varieties of plants, shrubs and roses to discover.
80120 Argoules
Visit every day from April to November


The Forest of Crécy

Covering an area of ​​4,322 hectares, the Crécy forest is the main forest area of ​​the Somme. It is also one of the oldest in France.

The discovery of the forest where there are areas for restoration and rest, can be done on foot or on horseback.


Access path to the sea in the village and cycle paths nearby.
And many other marvels await you: the Authie Valley, the Baie de Somme, Saint-Riquier, the beaches of Fort-Mahon and Quend, the port of Crotoy, the Hortillonnages of Amiens, the Fortified Castle of Rambures, the City of Artisans, Long and central ca…